The study and practise of beauty care is known as cosmetology. The science is what puts the emphasis on improving people’s appearance. It has various branches, including those for face, hair, body, and general health care, as well as beauty therapy.


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Hydra Facial

The Hydra Facial is a hydra abrasion device that performs a three-step treatment routine, including washing, exfoliating, and serum infusion. The cleansing step involves removing dead skin cells and extra sebum from the skin. While moisturising, plumping, and nourishing serums are absorbed into the skin, Hydra Peel Tip vacuums out dirt, oil, blackheads, and other impurities. A popular skin care procedure with the trademarked name “Hydra Facial” modifies the micro derma abrasion method of skin resurfacing. Both dermatology offices and numerous spas offer Hydra Facial services.


A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your skin is derma planning. Your medical professional removes the topmost layers of your skin using a specialized tool. By exposing fresher, unharmed skin, derma planning can help to lessen the appearance of acne scars or other skin blemishes. While it might make your skin appear younger, it cannot reverse the aging process.

For hair removal, some people also have derma planning. Your hair will grow back, so this is only a temporary solution. The operation is typically performed on the face, but it can be done anywhere on the body.

Jelly Mask

Masks made with hydra jelly were first made in South Korea and then spread throughout the world. They seem light and bouncy, but not too watery to cause a mess. While there are many different hydra jelly mask varieties, hydration is their primary goal. They provide an immediate calming and cooling impact on the face and perfectly cover the skin. They have a variety of benefits, such as effects that smooth, hydrate, moisten, clean, condition, and exfoliate.

They are chock-full of beneficial substances that lessen inflammation and serve as a layer of moisture for the skin. These masks offer a natural facial appearance without having any negative side effects, even though they don’t produce very amazing outcomes.

Medicated Facial

The most well-liked products or treatments, particularly for those with sensitive skin, are medicated facials and face masks. Medicated facials assist in removing the outermost layers of your skin’s dead cells without causing the skin to react.

Regular facials at a beauty salon are not medical face treatments. In order to make your skin smooth and supple and appear younger, medicated facials primarily use an amalgamation of medicated goods or medicated items that are most suitable for your skin type and enter the deeper layers of your skin. Multiple therapy sessions might be necessary for a long-lasting outcome.

Vampire Facial

A vampire facial combines platelet-rich plasma and micro needling (PRP). Short, delicate needles are used in micro needling to pierce the skin. Be assured that the needles just penetrate the skin and feel like small pinpricks.

The skin is “injured” by the pricks, which trigger your skin to produce elastin and collagen in an effort to mend itself and enable the PRP to go deeper. After the micro needling is finished, PRP is topically given to your skin. PRP is a blood-derived concentration of platelet-rich plasma protein. PRP treats many types of skin problems since it contains a high concentration of growth factors that aid in tissue healing and restoration.

Mesotheraphy Hair and Skin

Mesotheraphy Hair

Mesotherapy is a treatment that focuses on the vitamins and proteins found in the scalp as well as the variables that promote hair development. Multiple micro holes are made across the scalp during this process using a derma roller, mesogun, or insulin syringe, and nutrients that promote hair growth (anti-hair-loss solution, stem cell serum, or platelet rich plasma) are injected into the scalp through these micro holes. The blood flow to the entire scalp area is improved by this approach. It even improves cell metabolism, accelerates the development of existing hair follicles, and encourages the growth of new hair. Many people who suffer from hair fall or hair loss have found this treatment to be highly successful.

Mesotheraphy Skin

A technique for transformation is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is quickly replacing traditional fillers and other cosmetic procedures as the primary method for healing the skin and restoring its radiance.

In order to give tiny amounts of a mixture of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, growth factors, peptides, antioxidants, and trace elements to the dermis or epidermal layer of the skin, mesotherapy is a non-surgical injection procedure.

PRP Hair and Skin

The newest method for treating hair loss and hair restoration is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Due to its success in minimising hair loss when performed appropriately, PRP therapy for hair loss is becoming more and more popular among both men and women. Numerous user reports have reported positive outcomes, and the procedure’s popularity is rising quickly.

PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical therapy that uses the patient’s blood components’ stem cells and growth factors to stimulate the regeneration of hair from dormant or miniature hair follicles. One of the components of blood is platelets.

Their primary purpose is often to help blood clot, but when injected into regions where hair is thinning, they revitalize the hair-growth process by promoting greater blood flow to the affected area. Over time, the skin has a propensity to get dull. Given that the skin is the most visible portion of the body, particularly the skin on the face, this may have an impact on the person’s overall appearance.

PRP for skin generally encourages the generation of more collagen, which enhances the appearance and feel of the skin. This promotes the restoration of healthy-looking skin.

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