Ombre Brows

For people who have had brow work done in the past or who adore the look of powdered brows, ombre brows are a fantastic option.
With this permanent cosmetic treatment, gorgeous brows with a subtle powdered appearance are produced. To create an Ombre Combo Brow, you may also mix them with microblading hairstrokes.

What are Ombre brows?

Using natural pigments, ombre powder brows is a cosmetic tattoo method that gives your eyebrows a smooth, powdered appearance.
This method gives you a very delicate to bold look, so you may have well groomed, full brows without always wearing makeup!
You can start them off mild and make them bolder during your touchup if you’re not sure how bold you want them to be.

Benefits of Ombre brows

Are you sick of constantly filling in your eyebrows? Powdered Ombre Brows might be the answer for you.
Say farewell to conventional eyebrow makeup and effortlessly accentuate your attractiveness.

Among the advantages of ombre powder brows are:

  • minimally painful and intrusive
  • gives a very distinct and complete appearance.
  • gives anything form and definition.
  • Suitable for brows that have previously had microblading
  • For people with greasy skin, ombre powder brows work well.
  • Suitable for people with thinner skin, this procedure is ideal for aged skin.

How are Ombre Powder Brows Done?

A cosmetic tattoo artist uses a handheld machine tool to generate tiny pixelated dots to create ombre eyebrows.
The artist can get a delicate or striking effect by using just natural paints.

How to Prepare for an Ombre Brows Appointment?

In order to get the most out of your Ombre Brow treatment, preparation is essential.
Getting ready for Powder Ombre Brows is crucial because it can help avoid problems or challenges throughout the process and guarantee that your eyebrows are in the best possible shape, which will result in a more durable result.

Follow these easy steps to get ready for your ombre eyebrow treatment :

  • Day without caffeine
  • No Alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment
  • No analgesics or blood thinners for 24 hours
  • No vitamin E or fish oil one week earlier
  • Not a single injection or filler three weeks earlier
  • No chemical peels near the eyebrows two weeks earlier
  • No antibiotics two months earlier


Allow your eyebrows to rest for a full day following your Ombre Brow session, being careful to keep them dry.
You can give them a gentle wash every morning and evening after the whole day. Apply the included aftercare cream as well.
You should stay away from the following until they recover fully. See your artist for additional advice on dos and don’ts.

  • brow makeup application
  • Picking and scratching the eyebrows
  • Applying exfoliants
  • For ten days, avoid sweating.
  • For ten days, stay out of the sauna, the pool, and tanning beds.