Eyebrow Mapping

We are excited to present Eyebrow Lamination at Facethetics Skin Clinic, a modern procedure that improves the appearance of your eyebrows by defining, volumizing, and contouring them for a fuller, more sculpted appearance. A non-invasive process called “brow lamination,” sometimes referred to as “brow lifting” or “brow perming,” temporarily restructures the eyebrow hairs to give them a smooth, consistent look that lasts for a few weeks.

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

A special solution is applied to the eyebrow hairs during the cosmetic process known as “brow lamination” in order to reshape and position them in the right place. This procedure helps to smooth and straighten coarse or unruly eyebrow hairs, giving the face a more put together and well-groomed look. Eyebrow lamination is a good option for people who like to get a fuller, more defined look without having to apply cosmetics or groom themselves every day and have sparse, uneven, or overgrown eyebrows.


Our Eyebrow Lamination procedure at Facethetics Skin Clinic is performed by skilled technicians trained in advanced brow enhancement techniques. Here’s what you can expect during your appointment:
1. Consultation:You will meet with one of our technicians before the procedure to go over your preferences and ideal brow shape and style. To choose the best lamination method for you, we’ll evaluate the symmetry, thickness, and natural development pattern of your eyebrows.
2. Preparation: Your eyebrows will be cleaned to get rid of any makeup, grease, or dirt before the treatment starts. The skin around the eyebrows will next be gently coated with glue by our expert to shield it from the laminating solution.
3. Lamination Solution: The eyebrow hairs are treated with a specific lamination solution to soften and relax them, increasing their pliability and ease of manipulation. Whether the intended appearance is sleek and straight or more arched, the treatment helps to reshape and establish the eyebrows in the right position.
4. Shaping: After the laminating solution has soaked the eyebrows, our expert will use a precise tool to comb and shape the hairs into the appropriate position. This procedure aids in shaping your eyebrows into a consistent, symmetrical shape that complements your face characteristics.
5. Setting Solution: A setting solution is used to keep the hairs in place and preserve the intended shape and style after the eyebrows have been shaped. Long-lasting effects that survive regular activities and environmental variables are ensured by the setting solution, which also aids in sealing the hair cuticles.
6. Tinting (Optional): If desired, a tint can be applied to the eyebrows after the lamination process to enhance their color and definition further. The tint adds depth and dimension to the eyebrows, giving them a more defined and polished look.
7. Aftercare: Your eyebrows will be expertly groomed and gently brushed after the treatment. You will receive aftercare instructions from our technician to assist preserve the lamination and increase the longevity of your results.


  • Enhanced Definition:Your brows will appear fuller and more put together with the help of eyebrow lamination, which gives them a more defined and sculpted contour.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The effects of eyebrow lamination are usually long-lasting and low-maintenance, lasting for many weeks.
  • Customizable Looks: Your preferred eyebrow shape, style, and intensity may all be customized with eyebrow lamination, giving you the option of a more dramatic or natural look that accentuates your best facial features.

Side Effects

While Eyebrow Lamination is generally safe, some potential side effects may occur, including:

  • Skin Sensitivity: After the surgery, some people may have transient skin sensitivity or redness around the eyebrows; this usually goes away in a few hours.
  • Allergic Reactions: Rarely, allergic reactions to the tinting dyes or laminating solutions may happen. To rule out any possible allergies, a patch test must be done before to the treatment.


To ensure optimal healing and prolong the longevity of your Eyebrow Lamination, it’s essential to follow these aftercare guidelines:

  • Avoid Moisture: Refrain from getting your eyebrows wet or applying makeup to the treated area for at least 24 to 48 hours following the procedure to allow the lamination and tinting solutions to fully set and adhere to the hair.
  • Use Gentle Skincare: Be gentle when cleansing and removing makeup around the eyebrow area to avoid disrupting the lamination and tinting.
  • Avoid Harsh Products: Avoid using harsh skincare products or exfoliants on the eyebrows, as this can cause the lamination and tinting to fade prematurely.