Permanent Lipstick

At Facethetics, we understand that you want bright, long-lasting lip color without having to deal with having to apply it every day. For those who want perfectly pigmented lips that last a lifetime, our permanent lipstick process offers an option.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent lipstick is a cosmetic treatment that includes applying pigment to the lips to create a natural-looking, long-lasting lip color. It is sometimes referred to as lip tattooing or lip micropigmentation. This method eliminates the need for daily makeup application by offering a semi-permanent solution for improving lip shape, boosting definition, and giving constant color. Our talented professionals can create the ideal look for you, whether you want big, vivid lips or a subtle enhancement.


Experts in cosmetic tattooing with specific expertise execute our permanent lipstick process at Facethetics. What to anticipate from your appointment is as follows:

Consultation: You will meet with one of our skilled specialists before the surgery to go over the color, shape, and style of your lips. To create the ideal lip look for you, we’ll evaluate your natural lip morphology, skin tone, and personal preferences.

Numbing:Your lips may be covered with a local anesthetic or topical numbing gel to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Pigmentation: Our expert will gently apply pigment to the lips, layer by layer, using a specialized tattooing device and premium pigments to produce the desired color intensity and form. To guarantee uniform pigment dispersion and outcomes that resemble nature, the procedure can require several passes

Adjustments: You’ll have the chance to offer input at any point during the process and alter the lip color or shape to get the results you want. Our aim is to develop exquisitely improved lips that blend in with your personal style and natural features.

Aftercare: You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions to help with recovery and extend the life of your permanent lipstick following the operation. This might include maintaining hydrated lips, abstaining from certain meals and activities that could irritate them, and going to follow-up sessions on time.


  • Long-lasting Color: Permanent lipstick eliminates the need for frequent touch-ups by providing a long-lasting lip color that endures eating, drinking, and daily activities.
  • Enhanced Lip Shape:Permanent lipstick can improve the overall harmony of the face by adding definition, defining the lips, and giving the impression of bigger, younger lips.
  • Time-saving: Say goodbye to the daily hassle of applying and reapplying lipstick. With permanent lipstick, you’ll wake up every day with beautifully pigmented lips, saving you time and effort in your beauty routine.

Side Effects

While BB Glow is generally safe, some potential side effects may occur, including:

  • Temporary Redness: You may experience temporary redness or sensitivity in the treated area, which typically resolves within a few hours to a few days.
  • Risk of Infection: As with any microneedling procedure, there is a risk of infection if proper aftercare instructions are not followed. It’s essential to keep the treated area clean and avoid touching or rubbing the skin during the healing process.
  • Color Fading: Touch-up appointments are necessary to maintain the ideal color intensity and duration of the effects as the pigment may fade gradually over time.


To ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results, it’s essential to follow these aftercare guidelines:

  • Keep the lips clean and moisturized using gentle lip balms or ointments recommended by your technician.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation, as this can cause the pigment to fade prematurely.
  • Refrain from picking, rubbing, or scratching the treated area to prevent irritation and disruption of the pigment.
  • Refrain from picking, rubbing, or scratching the treated area to prevent irritation and disruption of the pigment.