Looking to start your career as a permanent makeup artist?
Our Full Face, permanent makeup training course, teaches all PMU disciplines – permanent brows, eyes and lips giving you even more creative control and revenue opportunities within one package.
From the moment you arrive at FACETHETIC, you will encounter an inviting, friendly and relaxing environment. We have created an atmosphere that makes your experience all about YOU!


How does permanent makeup work?

In our facetheics academy , By implanting cosmetic pigments in your dermis, permanent makeup can give you a makeup-like appearance. You can balance out your skin tone and get the brow and lip colour you want with its assistance. These operations can produce benefits that continue for six to eighteen months before eventually fading away. It enables you to create your desired appearance without time-consuming practises.

Internationally Recognized Experts Teaching
Our faceheics academy group of highly accomplished and well-respected cosmetologists is dedicated to providing each trainee with the greatest possible education in accordance with industry standards. Both theoretical and practical information is taught by them. The goal is to develop skilled permanent makeup artists who are armed with the newest methods from around the globe and produce the most exquisitely healed results. Our goal is to produce highly knowledgeable expert cosmetologists from the academy.

Practical Instruction

Unlike any other academy, we offer Unlimited Access for practise after enrollment. Students are encouraged to learn and get over their fears and hurdles when seeking cosmetology jobs by coming to facethetics academy. Making learning about the learner and improving learning is something we deeply desire.
We are approachable and able to communicate so that we both know what the other wants and expects in terms of motivation and advancements. We are committed to supporting you and are eager to work with you to develop into a fantastic PMU artist.

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